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Hear this. Loud and Clear--YOU MATTER. YOU BELONG.

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Beginning anything new--whether it's starting a new job, joining a new organization, volunteering for the first time, becoming a new family member--going to a new church--there's a certain level of discomfort and anxiety that comes along with any 'beginning'. Acceptance feels good, when it finally comes--

Sadly, there are many who never feel the joy of finally "belonging"--The message is loud from the critics. The noise--deafening. And the world shouts every chance it can--you'll never be good enough. You'll never belong. You don't matter--to anyone.

To anyone and everyone who is struggling with this--Feeling alone. Lost. Rejected. Shunned. Not good enough. Unseen. Unheard. Uninvited. Like you don't matter.



Sitting in a small group morning devotion and the preacher man asked this question, 'Anyone here adopted or adopted a child?' Now this word, adoption always gets my attention--a wake-up to my heart. You see my Daddy had an adoption story of his own.

The preacher man, as he ask the question, you could have heard a pin drop on carpeted floors. He told the story of a friend who adopted his two children from foreign soil--they were living in horrid conditions. And the cost was not cheap--mounds of paperwork--checks written in excess of six figures--not for two children, but for each child. Multiple trips overseas. And time did not pass by quickly. But finally, after multiple years the children were allowed to fly home with their new parents--to their place of belonging--loved and now, thriving.

He doesn't put you on His calendar--work you into His schedule--when He has time.

He doesn't say--go home--I'll send you an email. Take the 'personality and strength' tests and once I get the results--we will sit down and talk. See if you are a right fit--to belong--in the job role--for ministry--in the ladies' group--in the organization....

He doesn't say I'll give you a trial run--see how you do--I'll foster you awhile--see how it works out.

He doesn't say stop doing this or that and once you get control of your failures and sins--work on your perfection--then come back and see Me. We'll talk.

And He doesn't give you the "silence". Never responding.

He is the One who will go--and has gone to great lengths to make certain you belong.

With Jesus you don't have to wait a month, years to have that sense of belonging--it happens the moment you meet Him--open your heart to Him--in faith believing. He doesn't expect perfect from you. He never will. We are incapable of perfection. If we were we would have no need for Jesus. Say that again and again! We are incapable of perfection. If we were perfect in all things--we would have no need for Jesus.

That same week of the preacher man's message, an older couple shared their own adoption story--about their little girl. 'It's been three years now,' they said. 'She lives with us--she's our granddaughter--but we are still waiting on the court system to tell us the adoption is official.' And the grandmother, she teared up and smiled. 'It's okay. We are not worried about the court system. We'll wait. She's already our little girl.'

And the preacher man ended our morning devotional with these words, 'We are all adopted. Everyone in this room and anyone who has accepted Him as their Savior. Jesus, He gave an even greater price to make sure you belonged in His family--He gave His life for you.'

Having predestinated us into the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to Himself,

according to the good pleasure of His will, To the praise of the glory of His grace,

wherein He hath made us accepted in the beloved.

Ephesians 1:5-6 (KJV)

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