Nothing of Your creation is ordinary--nothing is mundane.

I sit here this morning looking at the beautiful hydrangea bloom I cut a few days ago--the details of the tiny flowers--each one a little different in color--in size. The bloom is dying. Its season is coming to a close and even in death, it shines God's presence.

God, why did you take so much time for us to give us the gift of this earth's beauty--the endless colors of flowers--the greens and oranges and yellows of tree leaves--heart shaped plants--pink and blue and turquoise skies, the breathtaking sunsets and the peaceful glow of sunrises. Raindrops, how they lay perfectly still. The white of the moon and the dogwood tree flowers--their tips dipped in the color of red--a reminder of Your Son's blood, shed for me. For everyone. Easter.

Some have many leaves, petals--some only a few, each unique and stunning in their own way--each with a purpose--nectar--natural medicines--seeds for the fowl of the air--some for their sweet smells--and some for the pure contentment of our eyes. Some, we plant by the sweat of our brow, others grow wild in the field. In the deep woods.

Your infinite love--the details You go to in great lengths to provide for us--nothing of Your creation is ordinary--nothing is mundane. Every flower petal, every stem, every leaf--they are special in their own way.

So God, here's the thing--if you took this much time and effort--this much care in creating the flowers and trees and plants--those in our gardens--plants that adorn our window sills, our porches--trees and bushes that fill our yards and woods--why is it so difficult for us to believe you created us in the same matter. That you love us more.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made. It's right there sealed, written in Your Holy Word. Yes--right there--in the book of Psalms. David pens this---I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. Psalm 139:14

And us, why can't we be more like the flowers, trees, plants--they don't worry about the colors of their blooms--the brightness of their sparkle--nor do they worry about the flower or even the petal or leaf next to them. They just keep on shining--blooming in their own way. For the Glory of You--their Creator.

And us, what if we take an even closer look, those flowers--the leaves on the bushes and trees and plants--each one, they stem from one foundation. One root. One Creator. And they all need the same to grow. A solid foundation. Living Water. And the Son. And we need the same.

Consider the lilies how they grow. Luke 12:27

God is great. God is good. Let us thank Him for our food. By His hand, we are fed.

Thank you Lord for daily bread. Amen.

Our daily bread, it's not always what we hold in our hands--place on our meal table--food we use as nourishment for our physical beings. It's the bread God gives us to nourish and grow our souls--spiritual food for peace, for rest--like the beauty of flowers, and trees, and plants, and the blessing of others in our lives.

In memory of my dear friend Sally.

Sally and I traded flower seeds and I asked her one time if she liked coneflowers and would she like some seeds. And she replied with a smile only Sally could give, 'Yes, I love all kinds of flowers! All kinds!'

I wish I had told her more often how beautiful she bloomed in my life, and in so many others.

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