The gift of words to a song

She called to say, 'I couldn't sleep last night. I had this song on my mind.'

And she got out of bed and turned her DVD player on and listened to this song over and over. Writing down the words to the song--trying to get them just right. She doesn't have the Internet or Google and even if she did--she doesn't know how to research for lyrics of songs, and really don't care to learn.

Her next birthday, she'll be 81 years young. And she listens to the songs of old. Hymnals. Gloria Gaither. Gaither Vocal Band and their Family Reunion tapes and DVDs.

She said, 'I wanted to write down the words of this song for you.' And the name of the song, "I Then Shall Live" written by Gloria Gaither.

And as she inked the page with words of a songwriter, one line she forgot. And she added the line at the end--drew an arrow to its' rightful place within the song lyrics and then wrote my name below. "Your power and glory, let them shine through me." (Gloria Gaither)

I haven't taken the time to listen to Mrs. Gaither and her band sing her song yet. I will soon. For now I want to bask in the gift of the words written on paper by a Mama who will rise in the middle of the night and listen to the words of a song over and over and pen them on paper--the best she can. And then gift them to her daughter who desperately needed the message--then, and, every single day.

Maybe you need the gift, too.

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