When our hearts can no longer hold the burden

A few weeks ago surrounded by other Vacation Bible Schoolers his age, he asked with his head bowed low, fingers and hands fidgeting, ‘How is it we are going to see Jesus if we are buried in graves?’

I glanced at the assistant teacher and her eyes met mine. And she too knew his little heart was troubled. It had been for a while.

I told him and the class that everyone will see and meet Jesus one day. But not everyone will go and live with Him.

They lined up at the door to go to crafts and outside play and he was struggling with the want to do either--this grandson of mine—whining. And the whining or not having the desire to do something—this is often a part of children and VBS. Sometimes it comes from a place from being tired and sometimes it comes from the fact each of the kids have special and favorite things to do and us VBS workers and teachers have to keep reminding them on certain nights—crafts come before water balloons.

But, more times than not, in children as well as adults—those underlying emotions—they all come pouring out eventually, when our hearts can no longer hold the burden.

He and I went to a quiet place behind the Fellowship Hall while the other kids went to crafts. And he said through muffled tears, "It didn’t work Granna."

And he broke.

"It didn’t work. I ask Jesus into my heart and it didn’t work."

And I ask, holding back my own set of tears, ‘Do you want to talk to Pastor Rodney now?’

This was not the first time I had asked him this question—one other time when he was visibly upset because he watched his sister take communion for the first time and he did not. His Mama and Daddy have also talked to him over the past year. Never pushing—always answering questions—always with love.

The cleansing of his 8-year old heart—it wasn’t about his sister, his Mama and Daddy, or his grandparents. It was between him and Jesus alone.

He said yes that night and bowed in the grass listening, while Pastor Rodney read God’s word about salvation and right then and there one broken hearted little boy prayed and accepted Jesus in faith believing and became a Child of the King!

I asked him later after snacks and crafts and water balloons and races and laughter, "Do you feel better now?"

And he said, "Granna, I’m super happy!"

That’s Jesus. Glory to His name. That’s Jesus.

Photos courtesy of my daughter

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